“Love yourself the way you are and find love in the simplest pleasures such as a new dress or a beautiful picture. ”

Secretita is a digital magazine about secrets of beauty and beautiful lifestyle. It was created by a group of women of different nationalities and occupations driven by one common aim – living beautiful lives.

Some of us are experts in the beauty and health industry, some are housewives, some have PhDs in biology and medical science, and some are mere dreamers who can spend days and nights searching for hidden in centuries beauty secrets or the latest fashion trends. But all of us have the same passion to healthy living and looking our absolute best.

Find love in the simplest pleasures

We want that every woman on earth would be beautiful, healthy and wealthy. That’s why, together, we built an online place where we can share with you our beauty and healthy hacks, routine DIY skin care, fashion tips and tricks, or home décor ideas. We hope that here you could find something useful and inspirational that you haven’t known before or didn’t pay attention to.

You’ll be amazed and inspired by the game-changing health and beauty secrets from women all around the world.


The Secretita.com website has only five categories but they are full of fun and useful information:

  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Wellness
  • Recreation


Only three words describe our mission: 
  • Love
  • Inspiration
  • Fun


Among three virtues of faith, hope and love, love is the most important one. All our posts are written with love to you. We’d be happy and satisfied if the Secretita’s content intensifies your feelings of the deepest affection to yourself and others. Love yourself the way you are and find love in the simplest pleasures such as a new dress or a beautiful picture.


We are all inspired by different thing and in different ways. Inspiration is all around you but can appear without any notice. If our articles mentally stimulate you to do something creative, give a sudden brilliant or timely idea, or just make you feel great, that would be our biggest reward.


By the Oxford English Dictionary, fun is defined as “Light-hearted pleasure, enjoyment, or amusement; boisterous joviality or merrymaking.” We hope reading our posts will give you fun, joy and pleasure.

We are just at the beginning of our journey and we are doing our best to make it great.


If you like our content, visit us often, subscribe to our newsletter tell your friends about us and most important – have fun!



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