“You don’t have to be naked to be sexy.” – Nicole Kidman

Where is that secret line between nakedness and sexiness, sexy and vulgar? Why girls often confuse nakedness with sexiness? Are they the same thing?

At 18, girls might not have a clue what “elegance” means. Their everyday lives are spent living in jeans, leggings and T-shirts. They dress formally when they go out on big dates or weddings. For most of them, nakedness and sexiness are the same things. The thought of looking vulgar never crosses their minds because at this age, a hormonal activity rules their life. From the biological point of view, it’s rather normal: when you are young and healthy your task in a human population is to produce children to prolong the human race.

Only at about 21 and on, women start realizing that there is sexiness in the mystery of leaving some things covered to the imagination. A rare balance between nakedness and sexiness can be achieved without looking provocative, nude, offensive or any variety of adjectives that accurately describe many celebrity fashion icons of today.

Nakedness and sexiness: are they the same thing?


Secret line between nakedness and sexiness


Why girls often confuse provocative attire or nakedness with sexiness?

Cultural influences:

Cultural norms and societal expectations play a significant role in shaping perceptions of beauty and attractiveness. In some cultures, there may be a tendency to equate sexiness with revealing clothing or overt expressions of sensuality.

Are nakedness and sexiness the same thing?

Media and advertising:

The media, including fashion magazines, movies, and advertisements, often portray certain images as sexy or attractive. These images can influence individuals’ perceptions of what is considered desirable or alluring, leading to a connection between sexiness and provocative clothing.

Peer influence:

Peer groups can heavily influence an individual’s sense of style and what is perceived as attractive. If a social circle places a high value on provocative clothing or behavior, individuals within that group may adopt similar preferences.

Seeking attention:

Some individuals may associate sexiness with attention and validation. Wearing provocative clothing or engaging in provocative behavior may be seen as a way to garner attention or feel attractive in a society that places value on physical appearance.

Misinterpretation of empowerment:

The concept of empowerment through embracing one’s body and sexuality has gained prominence. However, sometimes there might be a misinterpretation, and individuals may equate empowerment with overtly sexualized expressions, assuming it enhances their attractiveness.

Youth and rebellion:

Adolescents and young adults, in particular, may experiment with clothing and behavior as a form of self-expression or rebellion against societal norms. This experimentation can sometimes be misconstrued as equating nudity or vulgarity with sexiness.


Elegance is always sexy


Secret line between nakedness and sexiness


No doubts, elegance has much to do with our clothing and makeup. But it has equally as much, if not more, to do with our attitude and behavior, our self-esteem and confidence. And when all these things go together, elegance comes across as very sexy.


Fashion hacks for looking sexy but not trashy


Cultivating a refined and tasteful appearance involves a combination of thoughtful choices in clothing, grooming, and overall demeanor. Here are some tips to help you avoid looking vulgar:

Balance nakedness

A well-known fact that many women forget: you need to expose one thing – either the upper body or the lower one. When emphasizing your chest, cover your legs, keeping the proportions of the figure. Choosing a short skirt or shorts, you make focus on your legs, so do not forget to cover the top – deep necklines are forbidden!

Dress for the occasion

Consider the context and dress appropriately for the occasion. Different settings may require different levels of formality and modesty.


Secret line between nakedness and sexiness


Focus on fit

Choose clothing that fits well and complements your body shape. Avoid clothes that are overly tight or excessively revealing.

Mind necklines and hemlines

Pay attention to the neckline and hemline of your clothing. Aim for a balance – if you’re showing more skin on top, consider a more modest bottom, and vice versa.

Choose quality fabrics

Opt for clothing made from quality fabrics. Well-made fabrics not only look better but also contribute to an overall polished appearance.


Secret line between nakedness and sexiness


Moderate makeup

Keep makeup application moderate and appropriate for the occasion. Avoid excessively bold or garish makeup choices.

Mind the accessories

Choose accessories thoughtfully. Avoid excessive or overly flashy accessories, and opt for pieces that complement your overall look.

Balance colors and patterns

Balance colors and patterns in your outfit. Avoid overly bright or clashing color combinations, and opt for patterns that enhance rather than overwhelm.


Secret line between nakedness and sexiness


Subtle fragrance

Apply fragrance sparingly to avoid an overpowering scent. Strong or offensive scents can be perceived as vulgar.

Consider undergarments

Wear appropriate undergarments to ensure a smooth and polished appearance. Visible bra straps or panty lines can detract from an elegant look.

Maintain grooming

Pay attention to personal grooming, including well-maintained hair, nails, and overall cleanliness. A polished appearance extends beyond clothing choices.


Secret line between nakedness and sexiness


Choose timeless pieces

Invest in timeless, classic pieces that transcend trends. These pieces often convey a sense of sophistication and are less likely to be perceived as vulgar.

Be mindful of transparency

Be cautious with sheer or transparent fabrics. If you choose to wear them, consider layering strategically to maintain modesty.

Avoid logomania

Wearing clothing with excessive logos or branding, especially if they are perceived as low-quality or overly prominent, can be associated with a cheap appearance. Limit the use of clothing with excessive logos or branding.


Secret line between nakedness and sexiness


Practice moderation

In general, practice moderation in your choices. Avoid extremes in clothing, makeup, and accessories to maintain a balanced and refined appearance.


Remember, personal style is subjective, and these tips are guidelines rather than strict rules. It’s essential to express yourself in a way that feels authentic while being mindful of the context and the impression you want to convey.


Secret line between nakedness and sexiness


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