Certain home decor choices can make a home feel unintentionally dated.

What makes your home decor look outdated? Interior design trends come and go, but a well-designed space that resonates with you can remain timeless and enduring. While interior design preferences vary, here are some common factors that may give your space a dated appearance.

However, there are certain home decor choices that can make a home feel unintentionally dated. Interior designers explain which décor approaches can keep your home looking stunted in the past and how to opt for more timeless design.


What makes your home decor look outdated?


Where is that secret line between “updated” and “outdated”? To start with, let’s consider just two examples: your mom’s (or even grandma’s) “dated” furniture from the 70s and your friend’s ultra-trendy apartment. Today, with a rising interest in vintage furniture, that dated pieces we call mid-century modern and it makes your place look stylish and unique. On the other hand, your friend’s home looks like a brand new showroom at the interior design exhibition. But how long will it last? It’ll be outdated in just a few short months, and then what? It’s just a costly trend trap. It’s best to stick with what you love and treasure for a long time.

Where is that secret line between “updated” and “outdated”?

Some elements can easily give a space an old-fashioned and outdated appearance.

Overuse of a single trend

If your home is saturated with elements from a specific design trend, it may start to look outdated as trends evolve. For example, if every room features the same popular color or pattern from a particular era, it can make the entire space feel stuck in time.


Heavy, dark color schemes

Dark and heavy color schemes, such as deep burgundies, forest greens, or heavy browns, can make a space feel closed in and dated. Modern design often emphasizes lighter and more neutral color palettes to create an open and airy atmosphere.

Out-of-date furniture styles

Furniture that is overly matched or adheres to a specific era’s style can make a space feel frozen in time. For instance, heavily ornate or overly modern furniture may contribute to a dated appearance. Mixing furniture styles and incorporating pieces from various periods can add a more contemporary and eclectic feel.


What makes your home decor look outdated

Faux finishes

Once popular for mimicking expensive materials, faux finishes like faux marble or wood grain can now look artificial and outdated. Opting for authentic materials or more timeless finishes can bring a space into the present.

Dated window treatments

Heavy drapes, valances, or overly ornate window treatments can contribute to an outdated look. Modern design trends favor simplicity, allowing natural light to flow freely into the space. Consider lighter, more contemporary window coverings.

Overly themed decor

Themed decor, whether it’s country-style, beach-themed, or overly specific, can make a space look overly curated and dated. Aim for a more subtle and eclectic mix of elements that reflect your personal style without adhering strictly to a theme.


What makes your home decor look outdated

Inconsistent lighting

Mismatched or outdated light fixtures can impact the overall aesthetic of a space. Consider updating lighting fixtures to more modern and cohesive designs to create a fresh look.

Overemphasis on trends

While incorporating current design trends can breathe life into a space, relying too heavily on fleeting trends can result in a quickly outdated look. Strive for a balance between timeless elements and subtle nods to current styles.

Home decor hacks to help you make you place fresh and stylish


What makes your home decor look outdated


Get fresh ideas

To get fresh ideas, check recent sources, such as interior design publications, websites, or social media platforms where designers and homeowners share their latest projects. These platforms can provide insights into the prevailing trends and help you gauge whether loft-style interiors are still considered fashionable or if there have been shifts toward other design preferences.

Invest in classic

Invest in some classic “everlasting” decor features like clinker bricks, for instance. Their distinctive appearance and durability, have not been considered “out of style” in the realm of architecture and design. Clinker bricks are often valued for their unique color variations, irregular shapes, and textured surfaces, which can add character and visual interest to buildings. They have been used in various architectural styles, from traditional to contemporary, and their enduring popularity is partly due to their timeless and classic appeal.


What makes your home decor look outdated


Balance, balance, balance …

To ensure a timeless look, consider incorporating your favourite interior styles and motifs in a subtle and balanced manner rather than overwhelming the space.

Your preferences come first

Always remember that your preferences play a key role in interior design choices. What matters most is creating a space that reflects your personal style and meets your lifestyle needs. If you enjoy the characteristics of loft-style interiors, there’s no reason to shy away from them based solely on trends.


What makes your home decor look outdated


Ultimately, when it comes to home decor decisions, personal preferences and the overall aesthetic you wish to achieve in your space are crucial. If you appreciate the look of clinker bricks and they align with your design vision, they can still be a stylish and enduring choice for various architectural applications. Design trends come and go, but a well-designed space that resonates with you can remain timeless and enduring.


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